Our products are out of season at the moment but the new season starts in October. Prices shown are only for Spain.
Soon the prices(including transport)for Europe will be available...

Did you know?


The oranges and mandarins we offer come only from our Corbera harvest and not from third parties, so we control the entire cultivation process until they reach your home.


Our interest is in serving a product grown with affection and using traditional methods which has grown in our family's orchards for generations.


Corbera's location in the Ribera Baixa region  gives a unique flavour and sweetness to oranges grown there.


Oranges and mandarins are a source of health and wealth, and of course, are delicious and enjoyed by all.


As breakfast, dessert, juice and, of course, as a source of vitamin C , oranges and mandarins from Valencia are famous worldwide.


We recommend buying juicing oranges and mandarins; mandarin juice has a unique flavour, has many health benefits , and is very popular in many countries.


At NARANJASALDIA, you can buy the best available varieties of oranges and mandarins, depending on the season in which you place your order. Each variety of oranges and mandarins has its optimum maturation period and subsequent harvesting, and you can only buy it in that period.


As the oranges and mandarins are freshly picked, they may be stored for several days at home without losing their freshness and organoleptic properties. However we recommend that when you receive your orange and mandarin order at home, you remove the oranges and/or mandarins from inside the box and separate into 2 or 3 different places, as they can be kept at room temperature without problems.


The weight of the boxes of oranges and mandarins delivered to your home is approximate, depending on product size.