Pedido semanal


72,00 €
Product out of season            

Receive directly at your home oranges to eat, to juice, or tangerines every week for up to four months.

Choose how often you want to receive your box, the product that you want us to send and the method of payment.

Transport and VAT included




Regular delivery of Valencian oranges

Choose from the dropdown the number of deliveries you want to receive:

If you choose 4 deliveries in one month, the box costs 18 € each; if you choose 8 deliveries in two months , the box costs 17 € each; in the case of 12 deliveries in three months, the box costs 16 € each; and if you choose 16 deliveries in four months, the box costs 15 € each.

Please specify in the comments field when ordering the variety of fruit you want to receive.